Malaika 17 weeks old

Malaika is now 17 weeks old, just a couple of pics to show how she's growing.
She's doing realy well at Puppy classes and people have commented how intelligent she is. Of course we know she only performs if she feels like it and the reward meets her approval 😉
sorry headshot is poor quality.

Aww, she's stunning!! What a pretty Basenji she is.


Oh my, she is too cuuuute 😃

She is a really pretty basenji, and looks very sweet.

Love the face shot….she's beautiful!

Isn't she growing nicely! There's nothing wrong with the head shot - it shows just how pretty she is.

What a pretty girl!! She has a beautiful face!

Well, isn't that what young pretty women want - a soft focus head shot to further enhance their beauty? 🙂 She is stunning.

Wow, what great shots! She is growing very nicely. I think the face shot captures something essential about the B personality.



Makes me want a puppy, even though Lucy would certainly not approve…she's my alpha!


So beautiful…She is the cutest thing ever..

Wow, she is very pretty! Gorgeous girl. 🙂

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