• So this was our first week in the Suffolk VA area and Indi seems to be enjoying him self the most of all three of us

    These two convinced me he needs a sister (after two dog parks, three pet stores, and playing at the beach all in one day)

    You can see Chase on the left watching to make sure we are driving safely 🙂

    Indi found the sunny spot immediately

    Making sure ALL the toys are playing with their Basenji master


  • Great pics. Glad everything is going well for y'all in VA. 🙂

  • OMG! I love that one of him with Zahra! That is so sweet, they sure did like each other. We will have to do this again sometime, Chase and Zahra slept for days.

  • OM Gosh! Sahara saw these pics and she wants to go with u guys. We can make it 3 Bs and 1 Chase, haha!!!! Let me know and we can make a playdate.

  • Sounds great we will be back in town on the 20th so maybe some time after that

  • Have ChaseandZahrasMom call me, she has the number. I live about an hour from Suffolk. See you then!

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