Picture Spam, Cosmo 12 weeks!!

He is growing SO fast!

And today, we had an incredible walk! We found a new place to go, down to the sea. We were out for at least 1 hour, he was of leash an loved it. I hate my self for not having my camera with me, but next time! He was afraid for the water.. hehehe but very interested 🙂 So many smells and things to see.

well, took som pics before we left.
but first a pic of him as 9 weeks.

You can really see the difference
today :)<3
Fishing after treats

My little diva


Now I am firmly convinced that basenjis are camera hogs and love the limelight. Really nice photos. I love the first pic peering out from the blanket. Looks like you have a real character on your hands!

Great photos, hard to believe how much he has grown in just a few weeks!


Yeah! He jumps up to the sofa, the bed. He can be alone. He have learn so much.. ❤

He's gorgeous and growing so fast. Malaika is nearly the same age but can't jump on the furniture or bed yet, thank goodness 😉

Cosmo and his bestfriend Duncan 🙂

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