Basenji birthday week !

Gossip was 9y on Monday and Teddy is 6y today.

Both going strong in activities:
Gossip: Sonbar's Tabloid Talk CGC RAE OAP OJP CL1-R CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CL2-R CL2-H CL2-S CL2-F CL3-R CL3- and Versatile Basenji Started 2 and points toward JOR
Teddy: CH Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected CGC RA NAP NJP CL1-R CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CTL2-R CTL2-H CTL2-F CTL2-S RATN and Versatile Basenji and points toward JOR

(My phone photos are always way too big - have no way to reduce - sorry can't upload them)

Happy Birthday and congratulations to both!

BTW, if you can transfer your photos to your computer, downsizing can be easily achieved with any number of free photo programs.....

Happy birthday and congrats!

@wizard Happy Birthday & many good Wishes to all 3 of you!! And Congrats to the "kids" in the shows!!

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