• Gossip was 9y on Monday and Teddy is 6y today.

    Both going strong in activities:
    Gossip: Sonbar's Tabloid Talk CGC RAE OAP OJP CL1-R CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CL2-R CL2-H CL2-S CL2-F CL3-R CL3- and Versatile Basenji Started 2 and points toward JOR
    Teddy: CH Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected CGC RA NAP NJP CL1-R CL1-H CL1-S CL1-F CTL2-R CTL2-H CTL2-F CTL2-S RATN and Versatile Basenji and points toward JOR

    (My phone photos are always way too big - have no way to reduce - sorry can't upload them)

  • Happy Birthday and congratulations to both!

    BTW, if you can transfer your photos to your computer, downsizing can be easily achieved with any number of free photo programs.....

  • Happy birthday and congrats!

  • @wizard Happy Birthday & many good Wishes to all 3 of you!! And Congrats to the "kids" in the shows!!

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