Hi from the UK!

Are there many Brits here? This is my Basenji, Butu…

Welcome, glad you found us.

Butu… great name! Welcome to both of you. Kipawa is Swahili for 'gift'. Does 'Butu' mean something?


Butu is lovely, welcome 🙂

Theres a few of us on here, im sure some more will come and say hi 🙂

Checking in from Scotland… Butu is a cutie!

Hello and welcome from Scotland:)


Welcome onboard..Butu is adorable, how old is he?

Thanks, all - Butu is nearly 6 months (on May 2nd) and his name means 'Warrior' in Congolese…

Welcome to the forums! Everyone here at Haus Annandael say hello from lovely Denver, Colorado USA!! 🙂

My Basenjis are:
Kiya (means Jovial lady) bl/w 7yrs
Lance bl/w 5yrs
Khonsu (Egyptian God of the Moon) bl/w 4mo
Abel r/w 4mo
Kivuli (Swahili for Shadow) bl/w 4mo
Eshe (Swahili for Life) bl/w 4mo
have most of the litter still at home 🙂

Hello to you and Butu from the UK.
We have two Basenjis, Malaika 15 months and Kwame 15 weeks.
Who did you get Buju from ?

Thanks all for the lovely welcome. Butu was the puppy of an accidental breeding by a couple with two Basenjis.

Please have Butu tested for Fanconi syndrome. It is my understanding that your 'breeder' didn't have any of her own dogs tested.

I shall do. My vet has never had a Basenji before, so I may have to educate them. Thanks, Victoria.

your vet won't actualy do the test for Fanconi. You can do it yourself by ordering a cheek swab kit from the ofa site. http://www.offa.org/

Welcome to our international pack!
Lovely picture of Butu.

A very belated welcome from yet another Brit but we have no boundaries on this forum - just belong to the worldwide Basenji lovers. I've been offline for a time hence my lateness!

Do you want to share where in the uK you are? I'm in Shropshire and have several Basenjis - the youngest are 7 and the oldest is 16 and 10 months. Loved ones all!

Sure! I'm in Cheltenham, Glos.

Not that far away from us then. Another member of the forum lives in that area too.


Sure! I'm in Cheltenham, Glos.

Wow, another basenji owner so close!! Im just down the road in Tewkesbury 😃

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