What funny ways have your Bs woken you up?

  • Figured Id have a lil fun on here 🙂 And im kinda curious some of the funny or annoying ways your B's have ever woken you up in the morning lol.

    This morning I was nice and sound asleep in my bed. Anubis has a bad habit of hitting you with his paw when he wants attention. So here I am asleep and I feel a paw go SMACK right on my face lol. I sat up and go "Anubis what the hell?" and he goes "Barooooooo!" And runs outta my room and started playing with my lab puppy Casey lol. Gotta love our Basenji babies! :p

  • Wheat sticks her cold nose in my ear.

  • Lol Anubis has done that before too. He likes ears for some reason lol

  • Gbala always bashes me in the face but the others sit patiently staring at me and willing me to wake and it works!!

  • Lol yeah Anubis has smashed my face with his foot more than once…and he seems to think its fun cuz he'll baroo or make some kinda happy noise and take off and start the B500 lol

  • First Basenji's

    I have been woken up by… Basenji gas before.

    Yeah. That wasn't pleasant.

    But typically, Bowpi sleeps like a rock. You can shift the entire blanket underneath her and she won't move, she'll just roll around, grunt a little, and go back to sleep.

  • 😞 Sayblee would lay gently on top of me (she learned young that WALKING on me got her flipped to the floor) and put her nose on my nose. I'd open my eyes to find her staring intently into my eyes.

    Arwen is a poker… poke poke poke poke poke. It isn't a pawing motion, it's a distinct jab. If I ignore, she runs up and down the bed on me, over me, to the door, up my body, down my body. By the time I get up to kill her, might as well get up, lol.

    Cara has done many awful things, like lick my eyelids (ewww), put her foot in my mouth and once flee-bit my freaking chin.

  • @curlytails:

    I have been woken up by… Basenji gas before.

    Yeah. That wasn't pleasant.


    Kipawa is quite good with letting us wake naturally, but on occasion I get a strong, stretched out paw on my chest or neck. I don't see him doing this to Darrel - does he know that Darrel has no feeling from the upper chest down? I wouldn't be surprised - basenjs are so smart!!

  • Scarlett for the most part will not bother me or Sarah in the morning…I get up at 5:30am and Scarlett will barely move until I am ready to take her out. But sometimes she will snuggle up to the side of my face, lay on my chest or stand on me in someway. These are all strategies she uses to keep me from leaving her.

  • On work days I have to wake up Gossy but on weekends she wakes me up by sticking her face right next to mine and giving me that old basenji mind-meld "I will you to wake up".

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