• This is great news for all!!!

  • First Basenji's

    It's wonderful when forum members can help each other out. I wish Jozie the smoothest transition into what is obviously a basenji-savvy home.

  • 🙂 That is terrific. Robyn is a wonderful person and a wonderful breeder. I just wish she lived closer! We have two of her dogs, including Jozie's brother, Jayden. We got Cory (from a different litter) from her and then went back for Jayden. The first two weeks were horrific and they just want to fight. The only place they would get along was outside. (Thank goodness it was warm!) Inside, we had to keep the dogs leashed so they wouldn't try to kill each other. We decided to return Jayden after two awful weeks but my husband's work schedule wouldn't allow the trip back to Atlanta for another week. That was a blessing because the dogs drew up a truce during that 3rd week. We looked out the window one day and Cory had her head resting on Jayden's rump. It got smoother and smoother from that point on! Now they can't bear to be apart. So be patient and give it a good chance. You will love knowing Robyn!!


  • Thanks for the input Pat. We are looking forward to meeting Robyn and her Basenjis this week-end at her place. We had a nice long conversation this morning and I believe you are correct about her. Her Basenjis are certainly beautiful. I haven't seen their personality, but from her photos, they are typical Basenjis, little devils one minute and little darlings the next.


  • Fabulous news! Jozie is a beauty who was just waiting for the perfect home.
    Realize that it may not be 'love at first sight' but if they meet on fairly neutral territory, go for a long walk together, sniffing the same things getting used to each other and don't 'hate' each other, it will work itself out!
    I am so happy for both you and Robyn and Jozie!

  • And there will be lots of "swearing" at home for a bit… or for that matter, way past that... it is the one thing that you can never prepare single Basenji owners for... the noise that comes from their mouths...gggg Just take it in stride...

  • I know it will require time for a comfort level to be realized and look forward to it. Robyn has already cautioned me that Jozie has had at least one bad experience with a male human and does not readily accept them. She will eventually come around if not forced to do so and observes attention given to Moxie. As for the sounds eminating from their mouths, I love to hear Basenjis making their varied sounds. Unfortunately, Robyn advised that Jozie is not very vocal. I hope that will change when she gets comfortable in her new home. I am sure Robyn will have loads of advice about Jozie for me to use for helping her adjust to a totally new environment. She will be well worth whatever effort it takes.

  • This is awesome news, Jozie is a really sweet dog and with a little TLC and patience she will make a great addition to your family.

  • Jayden isn't very vocal either and was very quiet when we first got him. However, he will now occasionally baroo when he thinks we are serving his dinner too slowly. And, he can do a wonderful imitation of a tornado warning siren!! I crate them when I shower and Jayden will do his siren imitation about 50% of the time. Jayden also likes to embarrass me: A stranger will ask me about basenjis and I'll comment that they are known as the barkless dog. As if on cue, Jayden will then give a single bark to make me look stupid!


  • Wow….A 1000 mile plus round trip to the Atlanta area so Moxie could meet Jozie this weekend. A tiring journey in two days. It was worth every inch of it. Jozie's response to Moxie and I went much better than I could dream. It went so well that Jozie rode home with us. She is quite a little thief. She stole my heart before I could think. What a little beauty. Attached are a couple of photos of Jozie and Moxie. The markings and coloring for the two of them is amazingly similar. They make a very fine looking pair. Now the work begins for her acceptance, but it is going much better than I estimated. Jozie wanting to play is photo one and Both watching activities in the second. They are doing well with Jozie in her new home. She is a little timid, learning about the new space and so far has only gone out to explore the yard when she needs relief. I tried to coax her out but she would only peek out the sliding glass door. She also exercised her voice last night because she wanted the night light on. Thanks to all of the well wishers out there and many thanks to Robyn Dubbert. She is a really nice person and is excellant to work with. If any one out there is looking for a Basenji, they should contact Robyn to discuss their needs. She has some very nice adults and four beautiful puppies. I wanted to bring them all home with me. They are good lookers with loads of personality. Rainie is a showoff that will amuse you every second you are there.

  • Houston

    ♪ Happy Dance ♪….♪ Happy Dance ♪

    I am so happy to hear this...keep us posted...

  • This is wonderful. Congrats!!

  • I agree…. great big HAPPY DANCE!!!!

  • excellent news, so happy for you all

  • congrats!!

  • I was actually astonished at how well Jozie took to jdurden, his wife, and Moxie. She is usually very reserved when she first meets people and sometimes won't even let them touch her. It didn't take long at all for her to put her feet up on him begging for treats. I kept thinking, "Who took Jozie and put this dog in her place?". :p

    I took a video of the two dogs in my yard. I feel like I should be singing square dance music "Swing your partner, do si do", haha!


  • Houston

    What a great video..looks to be hitting it off…How exciting, keeping my fingers crossed it all works out.

  • Glad that it seems to be the perfect match!!! Of course there will be squabbles… but sounds like Josie has found her new forever home!

  • I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that this is going so well! This is such great news!

    (and Jozie's kin, Jayden and Cory)

  • Obviously Josie has been waiting for the RIGHT HOME and found it!

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