• I'm lying on the bed listening to one of my favorite packs of all times, The Beagles, and humming along with a catchy tune:

    I'm-a-standin' on a corner
    Waterin' a lightpole
    Such a fine sight to see
    It's a bitch, my Lord
    On a custom cord,
    Turnin' 'round to take a look at me…

    I really love those Beagles….


  • Hi Belinda and AJ, no idea where you are but hi !

  • I'm confused. But funny play on old song.

  • Well, I am imagining the song is by The Eagles - Take It Easy. Winslow, Arizona?

  • ^i'm thinking you are spot on!

  • Can't guess, but it's good to hear from you again, Belinda.

  • Yeah, Winslow, Az. I've been there in the summer time. So hot the soles of your shoes will melt if you stand still long enough!

  • Yes. We were in Winslow.

    I pop in here every now and again. Things were getting a little heated before I took some time off. Some long-time members had their feelings hurt and I was, sadly, a part of that. So I figured I'd back off a bit and let things settle.

    Then I was distracted by this guy who turned out to be a real …....piece of work.

    Soooo.......will this winter ever get over itself?? It started in October and just has not let up! In the OK Panhandle the other day, it was around 25 degrees, and a wind chill on top of that! Walked AJ in Milan, NM yesterday morning and my fingers started to ache after just a few minutes from the cold. I'm clear down in Casa Grande today and have to put on a coat.

    Groundhog must've seen his shadow this year. Hopefully, next year someone holds a parasol over him!

  • Don't let heated debates get to you. We argue, we move on. Unless you attack someone personally, people need to put their big girl panties or big boy boxers on and move onward. You never know when something YOU say will help someone, so keep your butt on here regular!

  • Houston

    So happy to see that AJ and you are back..I've missed you both immensly. 🙂

  • Yes, ma'am, Ms. B-mamma. Oh, and I see you have a new addition to your family.

    I got my "puppy fix" recently with Pandora's 4 baby girls. And dang near fell in love with the little trindle. I walked in the door to be greeted by 3 b/w's and that ttrindle. Picked up the trindle and she was yodeling the whole time…at 8 weeks old!

    And then went into the living room, where those rascals had done a little .....er..... redecorating...... on the couch. Ms. Pandora (kennel name) quickly stuffed the fluff back into the couch while "scolding" them. She says there are Basenji..... and then there are Black and Whites.

    And when I got back to the truck, AJ was jjeeeaaaaaalllllooooooouuuuuuuuussss. He let me know on no uncertain terms that it was not okay to cheat on him with 4 puppies, 3 bitches and 4 dogs….as well as 2 other pretty girls of other breeds.

    But I'm actually considering begging Ms. Pandora for that little trindle. She has an awesome personality.

  • Houston

    What do you think AJ would think about a sister? Sounds very exciting though…How can you not love a little girl...right?

  • Belinda, I forgot to mention how happy I was to see your post this morning. We have missed you and AJ!

    Do not forget about us. We love seeing you here.

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