My JRT's look like Basenji's lol

(don't take this statement too seriously)

They are awfully cute though! The one on the right looks like my sister's Jack (yeah, that's his name - unique, right???)

Haha well mine are Poppy and Rasco 🙂

B's with droopy ears! I got that a lot at the dog park….umm is your dog a jack russell??? NO its a Basenji!

Poppy and Rasco are very cute. We do get asked if our Basenjis are JR, we have even been asked if they're Tibetan Spaniels 😮

I also got asked if they were Shiba Inu's…... I mean you take off the hair and they are close!

Lol, plus mine gaze out the window and lick themselves for ages.

I also get the "jack Russell" comment a lot….mind you Oakley has the biggest tallest ears ever!!!!! So it's a little bit of an odd question

They are adorable 🙂

Watson always gets identified as some sort of terrier. He has been a rat terrier and a toy fox terrier…

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