• The photo is where we picked this load up. I took this while moving, so quality isn't perfect.

    We are going to:


    Contains the city where the question was asked:
    "Well, Doctor, what have we got?a Republic or a Monarchy?"
    And answer given:
    "A Republic, if you can keep it."
    (extra credit for who answered the question and what it referenced)

    Was the birthplace of a very important document that preceded the above quotation by a little more than eleven years.

    Is home to the first oil well in the world.

    Is home to a city that celebrates a world famous varmint every year.
    (More extra credit: name the varmint and celebration)

    The Area:
    Became suddenly famous on March 28, 1979.

  • Leaving, St. Louis Gateway Arch?

    The response is Ben Franklin, referencing the new nation being born after the Constitutional Convention in 1787. (as an aside, Jim DeMint drove me crazy with his "constitutional principles of 1776 campaign, http://www.jimdemint.com/blog/2009/06/1776/)

    The Constitutional Convention took place in Philadelphia PA.
    I'm guessing the other document you mention is the one Mr. DeMint was confusing with the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence.
    Both the Constitutional Convention and the Second Continental Congress were in Philadelphia, PA.

    I am guessing the Varmint is Mr. Puxatawny (sp?) Phil on Groundhog Day.

    March 28, 1979. Pennsylvania. Are you going to Three Mile Island?

    I had no idea about the first oil well.

    I love these.


  • You are correct on all counts.

    I also get a little weary of mistakes made by public officials regarding our founding documents. That said, though, at least he's willing to try to reference them. That's more than most of our elected leaders will do. Most won't even acknowledge they exist.

    Very good attempt at the spelling of Punxsutawney. I always have to look that one up. 😃

    In a further aside, I loved that movie.

  • I couldn't even hazard a guess on this one - don't know my history that well I guess 😞

    Here's a question for you all, since the picture is of the Gateway Arch - what does it commemorate (hint: think Thomas Jefferson)?

  • See if you came to CA you'd have hints like this.
    1. What state wastes the most money?
    2. The governor's reply to how he'll fix the state's problems replies "I'll be back".
    3. Was taken hostage by Enron in 2001?
    4. Had a major earth quake in 1989 causing one of it's upper bridge decks to calapse and to this day still has not completed the replacement bridge putting the public at risk.

    5. The coastline is 840 miles. The tidal shoreline including small bays and inlets is 3427 miles.

    I love this place but hate how the state gov't is trashing it.
    Sorry, didn't mean to high jack your thread young lady.

  • @AJs:

    In a further aside, I loved that movie.

    Groundhog Day? Filmed mostly here in Woodstock, Il. and a few scenes in my hometown of Waukegan.

    Fun movie:)

  • Mr. Nobarkus, you may hijack my thread any time you wish. Especially if it's to rant about excessive government. 😃

    I've always wondered where that was filmed…I've been through Punx. and didn't recognize most of it.

  • Well, we have made it to the area of Three Mile Island…..
    I think we've already been here too long.

    Don't let this happen to you!!!


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