• City Specific…

    First, the state:

    The first permanent European settlement was founded here by Spain.
    The city with the highest number of lightning strikes per capita is located in this state.
    This state was thought to contain the Fountain of Youth...but nobody has ever found it.

    Now the city:
    Installed the first ATM especially designed for rollerbladers.
    Is home to two wildly popular television crime series, but in different decades.
    (extra bragging rights for naming both TV shows);)

    We'll see y'all down the road...Cheers!:)

  • hmm, foutain of youth is in St Augustine. Lovely place that. But i have no idea about the crime shows - Miami came to mind, but I don't have cable, so I miss a lot (which is fine)

  • Florida is the state. Don Johnson I believe stared in one called Miami Vice. Is the other CSI Miami?

  • Miami, Florida. Miami Vice & CSI Miami!

    I am from the city of ightening strikes!

  • In the nineties I worked as a Quality Assurance Manager for a high end division of Harman Kardon. We had more home electronic equipment come back from Florida for repair with fried circuit boards because of lightening.

  • Florida well AJ headed for the ocean. What great fun that will be.

    Rita Jean

  • AJs Human - you're going to have to number these so we can tell which ones are new and which ones old (not that I mind reading old posts)

  • I'll start doing that. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  • I'm due in Greater Miami tomorrow. I hope the rest of this storm blows over so we can get some sunshine in the Sunshine State.:)

  • Here's another suggestion … take of picture of AJ in each of these places (you know something distinctive in the background) then post so we can see/guess.

  • I've been trying to do that…it's not as easy to reach the distinctive landmarks with a semi as with other vehicles, including RV's. All the really cool places have signs up that say "No Trucks" and it really bums me out.

    I understand, though, because there are so many truck drivers who just throw their trash where ever they want instead of find a garbage can. And they pee on the ground rather than expend the extra energy to walk 75 feet into the bathroom. Trucker areas reek to an eye-watering level in hot areas because of this.

    But I do try to find distinctive landmarks when I can...the little lake in Minnesota, the rock formation in Colorado, coastal trees in North Carolina....
    I will try to find more landmarks I can access.

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