• Hello Everyone,
    I fell like I have been away forever. I have been having an evntfull winter here in the northwest.

    My latest news is that on Friday my roommate left town for the weekend and I got to stay at home with my two pups and his little Min-Pin.
    So Charlie (My Parson) thought it would be a good idea to dig under the fence to get at the neighbors dog. My roommate's poor little pup thought he would be a tough guy and try to get under the fence to the Lab next door.

    Well needless to say she was not happy with having this invader try to enter her yard, so she taught him a lesson. Poor little thing almost got his foot bit clean off.
    So there I was on a night before I had to be at work at 6 in the morning, stuck in the ER downtown with my roommate's dog getting him stitched up and splinted (x-rays show that he broke his foot as well as the bite).

    I am really glad I was the one there, as I know my roommate would have been a ball of nerves. znow the poor thing has to stay in his kennel with his splint on while Zaire tries everything she can to get him out of the cage. I had to lock his cage behind a baby gate last night just to stop Zaire from bouncing off the side of it (she was convinced that she could spring him from lockup if she hit the kennel hard enough).

    Anyway glad to be back hope you all are having a less crazy January.

  • Some good thoughts for your roommate's pup..


    Anyway glad to be back hope you all are having a less crazy January.

    Welcome back 😃

    You're not the only one with a '****y' January.. I already fell with my bike because the roads were frozen… my new jeans (toooooo expensive :mad:) and bike didn't make it..
    The day after my laptop crashed.. (good thing we have two..)

    Sooo.. I'm hoping on a great Februari.. or 2010.. :rolleyes:

    Edit.. Sorry for the *** 😃

  • Daniel, you have done so much for the PNW rescue dogs and now to have this happen.
    Sorry that sometimes bad things happen to good people.
    How is the roommates dogs and how did he react when he heard?
    Hugs all around to you!

  • That's awful! I am so glad that things weren't worse. you will certainly have your hands full! You are all (dogs and people) in my thoughts!!


  • Pat, this was an awful winter up here in the PNW.
    I know the main part of the country got hit hard as well.
    Lets hope we all get our weather back to where it should be and our b's back into
    their normal routine.
    Daniel, when will know know how well the little dogs foot will heal?

  • Here's good thoughts going your way for successful healing.

  • I hope the little guys leg heals quickly and thankfully he wasn't hurt even more. Sending good thoughts and hopefully Zaire quits trying to break him out.

  • Hey thanks everyone..

    The roomate did well with the news…Ha told me that he couldn't htink of anyone else he would have wanted with his dog when this happened (That made me feel good).

    The little guy is doing fine now... still in bandages, but I took him to My kids Doc on Friday and he rebandaged the leg and said he was very happy with the way it was healing. Of course now that he is starting to feel better it is harder to keep him and my kids apart. I woke up today and couldn't find Zaire... I went into the doggie room and she was curled up on the couch with Sebastian (I know she has missed being able to play with him) It was so cute.

  • Well we are finally done with the insanity of keeping a min-pin calm and collected while healing. Had his last set of staples taken out last week (He had one round of stitches ands two rounds of staples, in order to close the wound yet still let it drain).

    I am happy to be done with that little project, and am now on to building a 2nd fence to keep the dogs away from the fence that boarders my neighbors. Unfortunately this is due to the neighbors less than warm reaction to my asking if they might consider putting up a fence to keep their dog away from our fence. They seem to think that the min-pin must have provoked their dog as "She is always so sweet with us".

    I didn't bother to remind them that their beloved pup has also bitten 2 other folks dogs in our area. I reported them to animal services as I decided it needed to be on record, but didn't feel great about it.

    On better news, after 3 months of fighting with my old computer, I finally purchased a new one. So now I am officially back online… YAY!!!!

    Hello to all of you who I have missed so much... I am looking forward to catching up with all of you and your furbabbies.

  • You are right by reporting these folks to animal control..
    I hope it all goes better for you both now.

  • Me too….. and at least you can take the pro-active way.. and protect your "kids".... Kudos

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