Here's a few pics of the puppy I kept from the Sugar/Cole breeding. We've named her Rose. But she isn't anything like a delicate flower!:eek:

First, the big dog!!:p

Next, Uncle Shadow is trying to play keep away-no fair!! 😉

Now, for some serious action! Someone who knows how to play!:D

Maybe if I stretch I can reach it! :rolleyes:

Look at my Honkin Big Ears!!:p

She's a cutie!!!:)

What a sweetheart and rose well I love my two but thorn is more correct. No I take that back when they are on my lap or sleeping a very pretty rose.

Rita Jean

Rita Jean, she is so cute…

She is such a sweetie, Rita Jean! I can see why you kept her.

A beautiful cheeky little Rose 😃


Arlene, she is adorable..looks like she is home for good..

Very cute, she looks like she is quite in charge of the situation

Looks like she is doing her best to ensure that the action in your household doesn't subside even if her brothers and sisters have left the nest! Johnny and Xena are still having fun with her I see, and it looks like Shadow's deciding she's ok - at least from the footstool? 🙂

Actually, she pesters Shadow so much, he ends up playing with her. Oh, she's just a little bundle of fun! She has 5 dogs to bug and if one doesn't suit, she just goes and irritates another one!

Adorable! She'll probably grow into those big honkin' ears, but even if not, they are wonderful! Perfect name, since every Rose has its thorns!

Very cute baby girl and she already can get on the kitchen counter, she is well on her way to charming the world.

Therese Leimback
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