• Rose has this routine of jumping back and forth over the baby gate with ease. I swear she just uses it for exersize.



  • You know that her sire was born in the year of the monkey and came from a litter that my husband refers to as "those who could not be contained" since they were over pretty much out of any barrier we put up if they could jump it, climb it, or move it.

  • No wonder her name is Nosy Rosy and she squeaks and chatters on. Yup, she was born into the right family!

  • On the plus side, the athletic ability has translated into very versatile dogs. Her sire completed the requirements for his Versatility Basenji title on Saturday by finishing his Gazehound Racing Title so if you just channel all that energy you should have a lot of fun with her.

  • LMAO!!! We have the same babygate!! Oh but my one B is too fat to jump that high anymore and the other one is too much of a goof-ball to figure it out and we will keep it that way too!! We thought we would leave our first B at home one day and put a baby-gate up to see if she would stay in the kitchen by herself while we were out because she was usually crated. Well we came home to find our frying pan licked out on the counter and there were doggy prints on the window sill behind the kitchen sink. Our roomate came home and found her frolicking around the house and put her in her crate until we got home. Yeah needless to say, baby-gate didn't work and she was crated all the time after that.

  • Rose so wants to be the next basenji agility superstar!!!

    Please get a no-slip mat to put on that tile floor. Hard surfaces and jumping can be disastrous! Especially if she's doing it often. I don't really mean to fuss (too much) and I probably am overly careful about the surfaces my dogs jump on, but I'd hate to read about that future agility star getting a pulled muscle on something so easily preventable.

    But, really adorable! and thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, it's like she's not even trying. Quite the talent. 🙂

  • She has been doing this as long as I can remember, good point about the tiles though, never thought of it because she does it so easily.

  • I got a 48 inch gate, turned it on its side, put in hooks on it and the door frame. Mine think a baby gate is really a joke. I have heard of Basenji owners who cut the top 3rd of their door in two. And still we love them, lol.

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