• I find it quite interesting watching Kipawa 'think'. He just gets a different look in his eyes and his ears of course are perked to the max. Yesterday we had a gardener trimming our cherry tree out front, and Kipawa sat on the kitty tree a long time, just watching the gardener. I found it fascinating to watch him. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it. If I had to use a word that I think would have described Kipawa at that time, it would have to be 'suspicious'.

    Can you see your basenji 'think'?

  • I too love to watch their minds work, that is when they are putting all that brainpower to the use of good rather than evil 😉 heck, even when they are being naughty they are fascinating!

  • First Basenji's

    Mojo is funny when he thinks. My daughter has a laser pointer, and he loves to chase the red dot all over the place- he tries to jump and attack it! The other day, he finally realized where the dot was coming from- he just looked back and forth between the ground and the pointer. It was hilarious.

  • I love the way they look when they get an idea, or solve a problem, you can almost see the "A-Ha" sparkle in their eyes. And the look when they get an evil idea is even funnier. Basenjis really are thinkers; I think that bright sparkle of intellect is one of the reasons they are so special!

  • Houston

    Yes I agree, they definitely get that a-ha look..Pippin just the other day figured out the laser pointer thingy….he found the food gods cave today..i.e. the pantry....A-HA...

  • I find mine studying things all the time…usually for no good - plotting against me in some way. But it amuses me (I'm sick, I know) it because I can tell they are doing it and I wonder how long before I see the results.

    The latest was Aaliyah (so what is new). We put in a huge kennel run (complete with kuranda dog beds, toys, etc.) in our heated basement as I need to run 2 packs and it is winter here. We rotate the packs between the downstairs kennel and upstairs with us. Anyway, the other night when I went to put Liyah and Oz in the kennel, I watch Liyah staring, watching me as I was closing the latch. I say out loud to her - "good luck with that one Li Li". I'm thinking, well that's good, it will keep her occupied trying to break out...all the time fully thinking "no way" she will be able to do it.

    Two days later, I have Ruby & Brando upstairs with me and for about 30 minutes they are really restless and keep pacing and keep going to the basement door. I don't think anything of it - I figure the kids downstairs must have been talking to each other (which they do all the time). The restlessness progresses into full on growling and digging at the door. I pick up Ruby and Brando and put them in their crates so I can go down and investigate what is going on. As I open the basement door I see Aaliyah come around the corner and start running up the stairs. I'm thinking she climbed over. Next I see Oz as he starts to come up the stairs. Now I'm going, WTH?! Sure enough, I see the latch flipped up and the kennel door open. The partners in crime have completely decimated the recycling area we have in the basement - spread paper, boxes, etc far and wide. I know it wasn't Ozzy that figured it out. Now I clip the door to the kennel so that the latch can't be flipped.

  • The reports about the laser pointers is very familiar to me. We tried that one, and for about 5 minutes Shaye chased it around, then turned and saw where it was coming from - after that, if we turned it on, she just came over to us and looked up at it - then at us - as though to ask "What's the point of that???"

  • Mine is so over the laser pointer thing. The Cave of the Food Gods (under the cabinet) now sits empty because she angered the Food Gods with her frequent raids and they relocated all their goodies to a mountain top accessible only by climbing on a chair, maneuvering past the coffee pot, the crock pot and the microwave. She is currently considering other options.

  • Kipawa is still into the laser pointer, but each play time with it is only for a couple of minutes, so I think that is why he is not bored of it yet.

  • It is our contention that B's dont think, they plot.:D

  • @Mr:

    It is our contention that B's dont think, they plot.:D

    Haha 🙂
    I have thought about the plotting. For example, if I have taken a toy from Kipawa, or am telling him 'no' for some reason, I get this split second thought - is he going to decide to chew a pillow or worse, pee on one and then look at me like "it was just a mistake Mom. I couldn't make it outside in time".

  • First Basenji's

    You are absolutely correct!!!! When they see something they want- all bets are off- they will always figure out a way to get it!

  • We had two litter mates and only one rawhide bone. Try as hard as possible the without the bone, could not get it away. Within two minutes, it brings into the living room a tupperware dish and starts tossing up in the air, playing with it. Sure enough the dog with the bone left to join in while the other dog went and grabed the bone. Really got to wonder about them.

  • Yes, DaMac, diversion is a typical Basenji ploy to get another's bone!

  • Yep, if they can't get what they want by brute force they study the situation, formulate a plan and in due time they carry out their plan. They always win!

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