Happy 1st Birthday Malaika

How the time has flown
5 weeks old

8 weeks

A big girl now

Birthday bash in the park

Aw how shes grown. Is that a Red Dingo tag? lol


Aw how shes grown. Is that a Red Dingo tag? lol

Yes it's a Red Dingo tag for a Red Dingo 😃

Happy Birthday BEAUTIFUL!!

Happy Birthday Malaika:D

You've grown from a cutie pup to cutie fine young lady!!!
Happy Brithday, Malaika!!! 😃

Happy Birthday sweet Malaika. May you have many more fun, healthy years ahead of you.

She is so cute, what a nice young adult she has turned into! LOL she looks a lot like arwen. I miss the baby stage. Wish we could have them stay looking like 8 wks old forever lol.

Many Happy Returns, Malaika.

Happy Birthday! Love the pictures, I have always had a fondness for the red and whites- she is so pretty

Happy Birthday!!! She's so pretty! And those puppy pics.. Just adorable…


Happy 1st birthday sweet girl..she has grown up to be such a lovely lady.

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