• Hi everyone,

    About 6 months ago, I decided it was time for a new puppy at my house and a friend had a Beagle/chihuahua puppy so i looked for one and that is when I got my Harley. It was odd the way that I got him, the people that had him, talked to me on the phone, I drove out to the middle of no where and met them at a gas station. He was extremely quiet and calm when they gave him to me. I was worried that he was sick after about half the ride home cause he was so lethargic and quiet. Once I got him home I made sure he ate well, wormed him, and made sure he had plenty of water, after a day or two, he was like a totally different dog, the bloat was gone and he was bouncing off the walls. It took a while (mainly because I have a dog that is a Beagle/Dach mix that barks CONSTANTLY) but I finally noticed that he doesn't bark, he does yodel, and makes a noise like a screaming baby, he is extremely vocal but never barks, He has a cute scrunched up face, and he has the curly tail. He is, in fact, fearless. The dog next door was in heat and he felt the need to visit by going under the fence…It was a full grown Rottweiler, luckily she was in heat so she didn't feel the need to eat him. He is smaller than most basenji's, and he is a very, very destructive puppy if we don't make sure he has acceptable things to chew on. He has floppy ears, which I haven't seen in a basenji. I'm not sure what he is, but I'd be interested to hear opinions, I know he is a mutt, but I'm thinking I should try some of the basenji training techniques since he does tend to get his way by charm, and he is stubborn as all get out. Just for reference he weighs about 15 lbs, stands about 10-12 inches high. But he can carry/drag/play with a 10 lb bag of potatoes, a gallon jug of water, or a 20 lb bag of dog food!

  • Ahem.. don't be breaking on Rottweilers. Really, having had rotties for over 20 yrs I will tell you what is absolutely my mantra.

    If you have a Rottweiler that will harm a small dog unless that small dog attacks it or it has been previously attacked, put the dog down because something is terribly wrong with your dog's head. I could give you gazillions of Rottie breeders to contact who will concur, along with pictures of mean little dogs biting them, humping them, tormenting them… and the Rotties allow it. Poor Connor, my adult very male dog aggressive Rottweiler, ran from the stupid toy poodle Richie as if he was afraid. You could practically see Connor laugh at the game, and stupid Richie really thought he was chasing him. He had scabs on his neck most his life from the basenji hanging off him. My older rottie went to dog parks and THREW herself on the ground like a pancake so little dogs would approach and play. Okay rant over. 🙂

    Can you video the yodel? I don't know what it is but omg it is CUTE! What a kissable pup!

    On worming, I hope you had the vets do it. The OTC stuff is either toxic or pretty worthless. Bless you for getting this dog.

  • First Basenji's

    Welcome to the forum
    I don't know anything about how to identify mixes, but he's so adorable!
    I'd love to see more pics!

  • What a cute puppy.

  • Harley is so sweet looking. He has that adorable "puppy face". In the end, it won't matter what breed he is. He will be your forever friend.

  • I don't see any Basenji in him but he's adorable!

  • I have nothing whatsoever to contribute… I just had to chime in that this puppy is adorable!!!!! I can see where he would get by on charm. What a face!

  • I didn't see any basenji in him for a long time either, But the yodel sound, curly tail, and the absolute fearlessness had me wondering. I wasn't at all cracking on Rotts Debra, Harley just weight about maybe a tenth of what it did, and I couldn't keep him out of their yards, now since he dug himself an escape route we go out on a leash until I can figure a method of keeping him safe and Chelsea (the rottweiler) unannoyed.

  • Here is another picture of him, but it doesn't show his tail. He makes the yodeling sound when I get in from work, I will try to get video of it in the next few days.

  • Really I was joking about you breaking on them… but I did want you to know stable Rotties are very tolerant of small dogs. 🙂
    On digging out... I am investing a fortune in stupid river rocks to line my fence. 😞

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