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I agree with with those who say this might be motion sickness. As I suffer from motion-sickness myself, the excessive salivating is something I can relate to.

I imagine it isn't much different for a canine.

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I also want to add that training needs to be entirely positive. Your B won’t want to play if you push or demand. It has to be fun!

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My little Tess absolutely loves fetching. She will not fetch endlessly, but still loves it. She is 16, and winding down, but we have had fun.

She was trained most of the way through Open obedience with some Utility.
In true Basenji form, she would perform flawlessly during training, because it was fun, and then go open loop in the ring.
Too many interesting smells and sights.
I was accused of not having trained my dog by a one judge, who apologized the next day.
One judge was very impressed with Tess’s performance one day, only to ask if I had brought the same dog the second day (Tess stopped to dig a hole in the outdoor ring).

She loved fetching and jumping, but liked doing her own thing more than my thing. She is such an independent girl. But training was fun for her and kept her busy. It was a great for bonding.
I think Tess enjoyed the company of the other dogs in her training class and the fun of learning new things. She is a real show-off!

It was worthwhile, and I recommend it if you have the time and inclination.

Tess did very well in the Rally ring, she has her novice rally title and her advanced rally title.
She learned that the yellow star meant exit. And would gaily leave the ring. I had to keep up with her to avoid losing points.
Her performance was anything from “stunning,” judge’s words, not mine, to: “you’ve passed, please leave the ring,” spoken by an exasperated judge who was tired of watching me cajole Tess to down.

I gave up on obedience, she just didn’t want to behave in the ring. But, I’m not sorry we did the work. We had so much fun as a team.

So, I guess what I am saying is this, consider training you basenji.

My Naomi loved agility. She never left my side. She never even knew there was a fence around the big field we played agility in. She just wanted to run and jump!!!
She is gone, and I miss her so much. I am so glad we had those days together.

So, find something fun to do with your B, even if it is a series of behaviors that you make up and then find ways to make it fun for your B and for yourself.

It will be worth it.

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I kept my basenji girl from scratching at her stitches by dressing her in a very small child's T-shirt. It worked well. Sometimes covering up a wound is all that's needed. Unfortunately, sometimes not.
Naomi had a little T-shirt that boasted the lettering "Dirt is my favorite color." It was not of course; she was a very tidy girl.

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