Dayna should pose for eddie bauer, don't ya think?

that's what happened after I found my wool sweater in the dryer. now it belongs to dayna


Forest green is her color!

ROFL ROFL…BWAAAAHHHHHHHHHH Did this sweater used to fit an ADULT :eek: :eek: lol lol

I'm sorry for the loss of your sweater to Dayna but I guess now it's JUST her size 🙂

She's sort of "hip" don't you think with it draped casually around her shoulders!

awwwwww she is so cute green is her color wil mine would wear the stuff i give her

yes, it was mine and believe me I am not a tiny little person. it was 100 % wool.
I am thinking maybe I should cut it in the front and make it something that she can really wear.
I am no so upset about it because it was very cheap and when I put it on Dayna I realized that it looks better on her than it did on me:)

Those pictures are just too darn cute! Im suprised she didin't shread them. Anything clothing in my home is immeadeately destroyed if not out of harms way.

what a little supermodel!

Very cute!!!

Dayna looks absolutely furbulous! I can see her gracing the cover of Dog Fancy! 🙂

Adorable pics, she looks like she likes it

Hey Paris Hilton's dog can wear a little BLING BLIN 😃 😃 then Dayne can surely wear Eddie Bauer 😃 😃 😃 and of course she's a beautiful girl in her new threads 😃

thank you all very much for your support:) I think Dayna can start her career in modeling. Maybe we should start with the Basenji magazine:D

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