Please don't vote for me anymore - the Fido contest is not honest

  • KIPAWA says, "I want to thank all of my friends and fans who have voted for me on the Fido website. However, I pride myself with honesty and integrity, and this means I don't want to be part of the contest anymore. Here's why:

    1. The dogs on the front page are voted on the most. Pictures should be rotated on an hourly basis, otherwise the first dog registered will win.

    2. Fido says the dog with the most votes "MAY" have a chance to be in one of their ads. Fido is covering their a**es. I now think this contest is more about Fido getting people to click on their links than anything else.

    3. There's a 'work around' so you can do multiple voting in one day. Any honest dog will not win this contest via online voting.

    4. I believe the winning dog will be found at a Canadian city in person casting call. Any photo can be 'Photoshopped'. Fido execs will want a dog who is well trained to their needs. And not everyone will be able to get to a casting call.

    5. There is no way to delete my picture and information. Because of all of the above, all I am is really a Fido statistic.

    Yes, I should have figured this out beforehand, but I am only a young basenji who loves representing my breed. I was probably concentrating too much on what I was getting for supper the night I signed up. A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me. BAROOO!

  • When I went in to vote for Kipawa I thought "Wow, I have to do some digging to find him". These contests usually have been carefully thought out and have an agenda behind them that benefits the business. It brings traffic to their site and the contestants are the ones that really do that work for them by telling people "go here and vote for my dog".

  • Don't worry Kipawa, us b owners understand that b's arent perfect and they sometime make quick decisions without thinking them through!

    Better this dishonest contest than chewing the foam rubber out of the couch cushions!!!!

  • damn ,if that dont beat all… sorry to here

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