Please vote for Cairo!!!

Hello fellow Basenji lovers! I have a favor to ask. My Cairo is competing for a "Pet of the Year" contest here in DFW, but we just learned the winner is chosen solely on Facebook votes. Right now she's getting her butt kicked by a few other dogs who CLEARLY AREN'T AS CUTE – LOL!!! If you have any time to spare, please visit:
and vote for Cairo (she's about the 5th dog down the list). Creekside Pet Center requires you to "like" their page, but you can always "unlike" at the end of the contest. If you want to be my hero, please vote for her everyday!!!

Done! He is now equal with the 'Blofeld' cat…

Voted, I'll get my husband to vote for her too. Good luck 🙂

Voted for Cairo, he is the cutest, good luck.

Has now overtaken the Blofeld cat with my vote today…

Now tied for 6th with Fiona 🙂

Needs another vote to tie with Fiona today…

done 🙂 will vote with my dummy accounts.. lol

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