Vote for Callie's cute picture!

A little shameless soliciting on Callie's behalf.
An Ibizan Hound owner makes gorgeous martingale collars. Her Facebook page is Allegro Dog Designs. She has a contest this week for a free collar. The dog with the most "likes" on her page this week gets a free collar. Callie still needs at least 7 more votes to win, so if you don't mind, would you please check out this cute picture I managed to capture mid-yawn & "like" it?
I don't mind reciprocating… if you want to submit your own picture to get a chance at winning the collar, let me know & I will gladly "like" yours as well!!/photo.php?fbid=1696434128927&set=o.129083783811660

Even if you don't vote for Callie's picture, you may want to check out the Allegro Dog Designs page. Her collars are really cute & a little bit different from the more common ribbon martingales out there.

First Basenji's

Hmm, but I like the collar you have now!
My, but that IS a fabulous curled tongue. Thumbs up to that.

Haha thanks! I didn't know I had that until after the shot. I was trying to take a picture of Callie & Lola sleeping & Callie didn't cooperate. I like the way it turned out better than what I had intended to capture. It cracks me up.

Callie is currently tied for 1st. We only have a couple more days to get more likes.

Durn…I think I can't like it bc I'm not your fb friend...but it is kyoot and I think I have that same blanket in blue and purple, lol. Comfyness!

Its not on my page. You go to "Allegro Dog Designs" & like their page first. Then you can like Callie's photo.
And yes, the blanket is very comfy. Callie & Lola are usually under it haha.

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