What do you think?

we adopted daphne from a rescue in september, and they told us she was a dachshund/terrier mix.

after it took us a few weeks to hear any noise out of her, we were afraid that we had taken in a dog that had been very abused… but as she got to know us and came out of her shell, we realized she was just not a "bark-er"

we also started noticing some strange behaviors - random spurts of energy where she would run laps around the room, sitting upright on her bottom like a kangaroo, leaning, a few yodels here and there, the way that she washes herself like a cat, and her cute little play pouncing that resembles some strange cross between a cat-pounce and a bunny-hop.

i found a picture of a basenji online - not knowing what a basenji was, i started reading about them and i noticed some similarities - plus, watching videos on youtube, i was able to see how basenjis play, howl, etc.

so - having said all of that - i'm pretty convinced that daphne is part basenji... i can see a resemblance, however small it may be. if she were larger, i'd say she's a shepherd/basenji mix - but the thing is, she's so small - she's only 20lbs now at (guestimated) 1 year old.

what do you think? is it possible that our girl is part basenji?

the dog in this video reminds me a lot of daphne:

The ears look soo much like a basenji :).

Very possibly…what does her tail do? Loop over her back?


Very possibly…what does her tail do? Loop over her back?

yes - loops over her back - i'll try to get a picture. she curls it up a little at times, but usually it just stays right over her back.

I do see doxie in her face…but her bod looks very Basenji

I think it looks like a jack russell.

Aw, she's very cute

Not sure but she sure is a CUTIE !!!!! 🙂

I have no input, but she is very cute and very lucky to have found you.

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