What do you think Cleo is mixed with? I think she is part Basenji, but she does bark.

@f-swill said in What do you think Cleo is mixed with? I think she is part Basenji, but she does bark.:

@eeeefarm She weighs about 33 to 35 lbs approx 18" tall. Very energetic and anxious. does not like to be in crate or car.

So she is oversize for a Basenji. How does she look from the side, standing? Basenjis are very "square".

She definitely has some Basenji in her, she's beautiful 😍

I love your picture with her! You two look so happy!!!

She is just beautiful!!!! Ad you two look very happy together. That's the key, but have a DNA match done and you will know for sure. I got started on Basenjis 46 years ago with a shelter puppy who was supposed to be "part Shepard/part Collie" . We just loved her for her. But as she got a little older our vet said....No way. This girl is half Basenji! And sure enough, ALL the Basenji traits came out as she grew. It has been Basenjis all the way ever since!!!!

@eeeefarm She is fairly square or thick in body. She has a few spots on her chest under the fur. I found out she had hear worms when I had her spayed . She has had 3 injections and will be re checked March 1st. I hope she will be released for regular activity. She definitely wants to be able to run. From some of the photos I looked at I thought she might be part Italian Greyhound.I don't have any side shots of her and don't know how old she is. I plan to talk to the vet when I take her back. It is hard to get inside their office because of Covid. Thanks for your response . She has definitely won my heart!

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@tanza I don't see any boxer in her. i have had a boxer before.

@jengosmonkey She is definitely energetic ! I found out after I adopted her and took her to be spayed that she had heart worms. She has had he 3 injections and will be rechecked and hopefully realeased for regular activity March 1st. She is beautiful and has definitely won my heart, despite the large vet bills. I just hope she will be okay !Thanks for your comments

@f-swill Sounds to me like you're doing a great job of getting her sorted out and the care she needs/deserves. As far as vet bills... look on the bright side... you have it to spend. We spent a fortune on our first Basenji, Jengo. I'd do it again. No regrets. Let us know after the 1st how she's doin! If that's her yard in the first pic... lucky girl sure has a lot of room to rip around in.

She is certainly a beautiful dog!

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