What kind of dog do you think I am?

I think I might be part husky part basneji. But I would love to hear what you Basenji pro's think! I havent been on here for a long time because I don't know if we belong or not 😞



by the way. Kentucky is now 1 year old and 45 pounds!

Don't really see Basenjis, but all are welcome

He definitely is doing a basenji pose in that second picture 🙂

He is gorgeous!

What a great looking doggie!!!

What about a husky x podenco? (or podengo someting in that area)

What a sweetie, whatever he is! That picture of him de-stuffing a toy is super!

The last picture looks like a basenji sleeping pose - whatever he is he's cute.

That de-stuffed item definitely looks basenji-ish<gg>

But really, basenji or not, any dog that cute is welcome to hang out here.</gg>

When we go to the dog park I hear that he is every kinda of dog. It's interesting to hear people's opinion! I guess I will never know. Lucky I rescued him thinking he was half basenji because I wanted a basenji so badly! He is my other half!

thank you all! I love this board and one day will own my own basenji as well!!!

He looks a lot like a German shepherd mix that my uncle had.

Whatever he is he looks happy and healthy. Welcom to the forum. Kinda looks Shiba/Sheppard cross. I love the sleeping on his back picture. He looks especially happy in this one!

oh wow. I looked up Shiba/ Sheppard crosses and he really looks like one.

has anyone ever tried the DNA testing before?

I see the Basenji. Especially the one that shows the ears and typical Basenji wrinkled forehead.

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