Funny Face & Juliette

You do very well with your English and welcome… what a handsome boy with that big white face.

Juliette, most Americans speak one language only. Anyone ever not in awe of you even TRYING much less how well you do it, well, forget them. You do fine. And your dog is SOOOOO cute!

Welcome to the forum Juliette! Your boy looks very nice, what a beautiful face! Swala Pala has some lovely dogs 🙂

Oh, he is a pretty one! I love the name 🙂

Welcome to the forum Juliette and Funny Face. He's quite a handsome Basenji!

beautiful dog! and your english is fine! if you only knew how some americans speak english, you would be horrified (as i write with no capital letters)!

handsom! I love the coloring!

Very pretty boy, welcome to both of you.

Hello Juliette and welcome to the forum:D
Your English is very good so don't worry;)
I met your boys dad last year at a show in Germany:D

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Really wonderful pictures!

Welcome to the forum - great pictures!

Welcome, love your pictures, and your English is very good too.

Oh, my…a Basenji in water almost up to his body!!! Are you SURE he's a Basenji? 😉 😃 What a pretty boy!

Welcome to the forum to you and Funnyface.

I think your English is very good.

I love the pictures - he obviously has a really fun time.

I don't know if it's coincidence but all the Tri-colours I've had just love the water.


I hope that next summer Funny will like the water and will swim with us.

PLEASE take pictures and post here if you do get your Basenji to actually swim! Would love to see that!

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