Annie & Spice

I’m a brand new member, my name is Annie. I am Spice’s Mom. He is a 10 month old red & white boy. Having so much fun with him! Not sure how to post pics yet.... I’m new to the breed, I have had Boxers for 20 years. Nice to meet you all.

Welcome to the forum. Can’t wait to see a photo of Spice!🐾

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Not sure how to post pics

This might help (fingers crossed): How to Upload Images

@annie - Welcome! Many of us are related by our Basenjis. Care to share his Sire and Dam's registered names and see if you have relatives here?

Hi and welcome to the forum!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of Spice 0_1605492712227_BINTI sells sea shells.jpg. This is Binti (almost 10 years old now) helping at my tile store!!!!

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This might help (fingers crossed): How to Upload Images

@elbrant link to How to Upload Images is extremely accurate. The only caveat I'd add it to make sure to reduce the size of your images if you have your phone set to take really big monstrously humongous images like I do. I find that if I reduce the size to about 1366 x 768 pixels I'm good to go! 👍

Glad to have you here. Can't wait to meet Spice. He and Prince are about the same age.

Spice (when we get to see him and learn all about him) will keep Binti young !

Thank you for the warm welcome. Spice is from Eldorado Basenji’s.

@annie In that case, Spice is already in the data base. Pam is always very quick to send me all their litter details. You can go and have fun tracing your pup right back through generations of well known Basenjis.

Email me a photo with his registered name so I can embed it into his pedigree.

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