Our red & white basenji girl, Rou

  • Hello everyone!
    My name is Pamela and my family lives in Oregon. My husband & I have two children and we all adore our basenji Roussi. That is her full & proper name, but when Sophie was in first grade, she couldn't pronouce her 'S's. The fact that virtually everyone thought she was calling Roussi 'Ruthie' slowly drove her mad until we decided a shorter name was a benefit to all. We are the team that put together 'Rou's Tips for Basenjis' which one BRAT official referred to as "the greatest insight ever into the Basenji mind." 😉
    Now we are in the process of debating whether or not to adopt Rou's baby brother who is a year younger. He is also a total goof ball & doesn't mind when Rou gets all superior on him. He just rolls over and wiggles his rump. The main question though is this: how does one manage to exercise two basenjis? I bike Rou several miles every day, attached securely to the Springer, but I fear I would stop traffic with a dog flanking either side of my bicycle!
    Thank you in advance for your input & for having such an informative site.

  • Wow…great site! Welcome! You sure do have great insight into the Basenji mind! I don't have advice about more then one, as we only have one. I'm sure there will be lots of responses from many people. It's a great site for B lovers too...

  • Welcome, I will certainly give Rou's tips a look see.

    Enjoy the forum.:)

  • Wow, the book is adorable! Welcome to the site. We too only have one. (I wonder why I said, "only"?) My son, however, just suggested we get another one. How on earth do you bike with Rou?!!!

  • Welcome Rou!! What a wonderful story & what an honor to meet the author of Rou's Tips 😃 😃

    I own 2 furballs 🙂 and I have to say I was so amazed by the fact that you exercise them 6/7 MILES :eek: I'm so ashamed that I only do about 3 miles on a run every morning with my two. I don't think I'm coordinated enough to bike. I've tried roller blading & after too many skinned knees I gave up with both & now can do one at a time! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the kind words! My daughter is delighted that her work has been seen all the way from California to Maine to Australia to Scotland. We have been so fortunate to find that basenjis owners are such a devoted, wonderful group of folks.
    If you are curious enough to see what a Springer attachment on the bike looks like, there is a photo posted on Roussi's Dogster page. If I was a bit more clever, I would post the image directly on this site, but alas, I have yet to determine how that is done. It is such a fantastic feeling to bike with a dog that is in full sprint mode. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  • Welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pics of your basenjis.

  • Well, tell your daughter someone from West Virginia is also looking at the site and I think it is baroootiful! 😉

  • Could you direct me to Roussi's dogster page? I can't figure it out. I would love to learn how to bike with Joey!!! (In the spring, that it!)

  • Hello JoeyQ's owner!
    Rou's Dogster page is http://www.dogster.com/dogs/399665 Please make sure Joey leaves her a bone, and I'll make sure they share it. Ha! Do basenjis like to share anything?
    Biking is so great. The attachment connects right to any bicycle and your basenji can run as fast or as slowly as they want, or as you cna pedal 🙂 We've clocked Rou at 18 mph. It really helps keep everyone fit. And as you are probably well aware, a happy basenji is a tired basenji.
    I am including the link to the Springer site for you: http://www.springerusa.com/index.html
    In case you can't get enough of being on the computer, feel free to visit Rou's own website as well! www.roudog.com
    Best wishes,
    P.S. Let me know when Joey has his own Dogster page!

  • Thanks for the info. If I was smart enough to get photos on I could get a page for Joey!
    I gave Rou two bones!!!
    How do you prevent Rou from running into the spoke's? One time and they learn???!!! Nevermind…I went to the website for an explanation.
    I have visited Rou's site previously. Very adorable!

  • Actually, the Springer is designed so the dog can't run too far forward or backwards. The dog essentially has to stay right beside the bike. If a dog was particularly persistent, as a basenji is wont to be, it could somehow get between the two bike wheels, in that area underneath the seat, to the other side. That has never happened though. Once the wheels are spinning, Rou seems to instinctively understand that they are to be avoided.
    Rou says thanks for the bones!

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