Benny yelps when he jumps off the bed or..

  • when we pick him up… He even yelped when I gently pet his side. I am thinking he may have injured his neck or back. It started about 5-6 days ago. He yelped about once a day out of nowhere, we're not sure what happend to make him yalp. But today he's been yelping when he jumps off the bed and seems extra sensitive. Also, we noticed him yelp when he yawned. He's only 2.8 years old.

    He was home alone with my sister's dog while we were at a wedding the night we noticed it and they like to play rough... and my sister's dog has about 60 lbs on him. We called the vet, and we're going in tomorrow morning.. but we're worried about the little guy. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Sorry to hear about Benny's problem. It does sound as if he has hurt something, hopefuly the vet will be able to sort him out.

  • I wonder if he's either bruised or broken ribs? Definitely needs a trip to the vet.

  • sounds like could be a rib. (not a professional opinion).. if it hurts when he yawns,… hope he is ok!!!!

  • Do let us know what the vets say…

  • If a neck/back injury, probably will be on rest and meds for a few days. Hopefully it will resolve and he will be fine again soon.

  • We talked the vet into letting us come in tonight… she put him on NSAIDs and muscle relaxers. She thinks it's his neck... and he wasn't yelping while he was at the vet. He's yelping now that he's home again though. He's trying to sleep but keeps waking up in pain. I feel so bad for him.

    The vet said to bring him back in if he's still in pain in 5 days. I was hoping they would do X-rays while we were there, but she didn't think it was necessary yet.

  • I've had Basenjis hurt their back and yelp moving around. Usually from a jump off the bed or couch.

  • Dogs often mask pain when not home because in the wild, hurt means dead. I have had dogs 3 leg lame WALK at the vet.

    Always with any possible back or neck injury, go fast rather than later. Some injuries to neck and back get worse and cannot be helped if you wait too long. With just pain, you were probably safe, but it can still be bad.

    I had a Rottie tossing ( am not joking ) 50 pound hay bales around. I got her in as soon as I saw her but too let, she hurt neck. Vet, then vet chiropractor.. meds. Finally I put her on bromelain, which is made from pineapple extract and works like natural anti-inflammatory. If I ran out, she'd be lame on front and hurting. She did so well I started using it myself and I can certainly tell if I run out!

  • Benny's doing MUCH better today. He hasn't yelped once. He's been a little cautious, but less and less throughout the day. I hope it is something acute and not just the pain killer and muscle relaxer masking it. Thanks for the advice everyone, I will keep everyone updated.

    Debra: Is that something I can get at GNC?


    I get it locally or through, really, amazon. But many health places carry it.

  • I'm glad to hear Benny seems better, lets hope it continues.

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