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I'm having a hard time finding a bed for the basenji I'm getting soon (a 3yo, so he'll be full size). It's not easy to tell if it will be a good fit for a bed as I'm looking primarily online and the sizing isn't obvious (a lot of dimensions don't take into account the padded sides). Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi everyone.

My name is Dave and I live near Cleveland, OH. After months of waiting, I'm finally getting my first Basenji from Kaleonahe Basenjis in 2.5 weeks (Feb 2nd). After talking to the breeder for a while about whether or not I should get one of the new puppies or older dog, a fortunate set of circumstances (for me) will allow me to get this awesome fellow named Pono! I'll be sure to drop some new, less formal pics when I get him settled.

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