• I read on Wikipedia that one of the basenji's names in Africa is "mbwa mkube mbwa wamwitu," which means "jumping up and down dog." The name has to do with their tendency to jump up to spot prey when they lose sight of it in the high grass. Today Abbey and I were walking past a thick hedge when she heard sort of a twittering sound on the other side. A bird maybe? First she went up on her hind legs and was sort of dancing back and forth. No luck. So she started bouncing up and down like she was on a pogo stick and every time she came she made a quick sweep with her head to try to spot it. I know she has a very high prey drive, but I've never seen her do this before. It was something to behold, a basenji in action. Don't we have the coolest dogs in the world? They like being pampered and we get lots of love and laughs from them. They will never have to hunt any farther than the bowl for supper but yet they still have traits passed down from thousands of years of basenji ancestors.

  • Yea, I love this breed, everyday is a new adventure. They are the coolest dogs, always amazing their humans. haha:)

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