• Hi guys, our new gal is chewing through her crate bed at night. We are on our second in one week. I don't know if it is new place anxiety or what. I've been reading about the K9 Ballistic bed and wonder if anyone has experience with this brand or any other advice on this. I wrote about how we came to have Pumpkin on Member Introductions yesterday. Thanks!

  • In my experience, they are shredders or not... and I don't believe I have ever found a bed that lasts if indeed they are shredders. Did this just start? Was she OK in the crate/bed before?

  • We were told she was fine before. We've only had her a week. She is almost 8 months old.

  • Try it without anything in the crate for one night and the second night put a cheap towel in. If it is chewed up in the morning then that night put nothing in and so on. It toor both my dogs less than a week to get it-you chew you get nothing to sleep on.
    BUT! Some are chewers and will destroy anything.

  • @PumkinFlack said in Bedding Advice:

    We were told she was fine before. We've only had her a week. She is almost 8 months old.

    They aren't always the same when they change homes. What was her situation before? Alone or with other dogs? My last boy slept in a crate contentedly for three years before I got him, but he had 5 other dogs crated next to him. Alone was a different story.......separation anxiety and destruction of bedding when I crated him as a precaution when we went out. All our Basenjis have ended up sleeping with us, so it isn't an issue at night. I have resorted to newspaper in the past with a dog that rips up bedding, but my goal was always to get them out of the crate as soon as possible, which I realize can be a problem with a young dog. Where is the crate at night?

  • She was alone before. When she was returned to the breeder (only there less than week) she was with her "pack". She is in her crate in our bedroom at night. I really appreciate everyone's help and suggestions.

  • Our new digging Samoyed has a primo pad. I have know destructive Rottweilers and mastiffs whose owners swore by their indestructibility. So we gave it a try, so far so good.


    But I'd also try giving her a toy to chew on or something to occupy her to see if that helps.

  • Everyone has been so helpful and friendly here. Grazie Mille!

  • @PumkinFlack said in Bedding Advice:
    She is in her crate in our bedroom at night.

    Are you aware of her actions during the night? I'm a light sleeper, so I would likely notice the chewing. Alternately, are you averse to letting her share your bed? Mine always have. My rule was "no dogs in the sheets", but under the top cover was legal......and appreciated! I have never had a Basenji that didn't want to be under a cover at night, even when it was hot. And touching you if possible. However, those little feet can be cruel! πŸ™‚

  • I would prefer her not sleep in the bed. Our previous B slept in his bed (not crated) near us, under a blanket, but we got him around being 4 y.o. . I don't trust her right now with our human pillows, to sleep out of her crate or in our bed since we've only had her a week, and she likes to mouth anything soft. She is still a pup at 7 1/2 months, so I am hoping some close eye watching will curb this. Once she settles down, she doesn't seem to chew at anything, it is the settling in once crated that is rough for her. Thanks again.

  • Both of mine have their own bed on either side of mine. They have blankets and are covered. It will take some time to find out what Pumpkin wants but not all Basenjis like to sleep in a crate.

  • I gave up on beds in crates long ago. Now I buy thick fleece blankets and they do rip them a bit but they are still useable. My boys are adults though. When they were pups my red boy made a few beds explode.
    These blankets are from Walmart and were recommended by my breeder. $5 for a twin blanket and they are surprisingly comfy.
    If your girl is eating the beds/blankies as she shreads that's a different issue and I'd be hesitant to use anything.

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