Trick or Treat

Malaika says " Trick or Treat ?"

Very clever photography - and her expression fits it perfectly. I'd give her lots of doggy candy.

First Basenji's

Wow, that's hilarious.

Two Terrabones for the awesome costume!

Well, we all knew basenjis were little devils!

I'll have the trick, please Malaika

Love it and how apt lol !!!!!x

What a great picture - you matched the expression perfectly - it is priceless.


I'll have the trick, please Malaika

Are you sure, Helena, remember she's a Basenji 😃

Thanks everyone for your comments 🙂

It's because she's a Basenji thta I made my choice!!!! Their tricks are as good as the treats for me!

Buddy snatched up a few treats this morning on early walk from kids who dropped some goodies. Too quick before I could stop him. :eek: Of course he had the runs on this afternoons walk. :rolleyes:

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