Paw Trick

Hi There,

I have had a horrendous last 24 hours. I have lost two of my precious pugs, i am heartbroken 😞 I was going to do a post to tell you guys but i cant even face thinking about it yet, nevermind talking about it… im sure you understand.

Anyway, Maya has been so concerned for her mum, she can tell im upset. She's been really clingy. I thought i would share, for those who havent seen it in person, Maya's paw trick. She's been doing it constantly cos she knows it makes me smile...

Sitting pretty first:

And… PAW:

Two paws upside down - she's so talented!

And having a cuddle:

And here's a video too. She gets bored halfway through and turns her back on me - little diva!

Oh Jess I am so sorry to hear about your precious pugs. These little B's are very good at tuning into our emotions, clever little Maya, give her an extra big hug for me.

I am so sorry about your pugs. Looks like Maya trying so hard to cheer you. What great pictures and video.

Rita Jean

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear of this Jess. I love those little Pugs. What a good girl Maya!


Jess, I am so sorry to hear about your little pups..poor babies.

Good for Maya to learn high 5 and high 10..:D
Way to go.

Lovely Maya doing her job by keeping you involved and making sure you know in your sorrow that you are unconditionally loved.

Our love and prayers to you, Maya, and of course Gracie and her family as well.

Thanks everyone.

It wasn't actually the pups that we lost. It was Gracie, the pups mum and my boy Jovi 😞 But thank you for the kind thoughts and comments.

So sorry my heart goes out to you and wish I had the words to make it all well and right. Take care we all care.

Rita Jean


My condolences, I am truly so very sorry for your loss..

Oh my goodness, how terribly sad to lose Gracie and Jovi . I am so sorry, you have my sympathy. So sweet for Maya to try and make you smile, basenjis are amazing.

Oh no!!! Maya I'm so sorry to hear about Gracie and Jovi…that is so sad! Sweet little Maya is trying to help her mum - I'm so happy that she is able to give you comfort in this difficult time. My thoughts are with you.

First Basenji's

I'm so sorry. It's amazing how dogs can sense our feelings and needs. Her paw trick is very cool.

So sorry to hear about Gracie and Jovi.. 😞

Oh Jess, I'm so sorry, how awful.
Hope to still see you at the weekend.

Tim, one of my scruffies will 'gimme 5' (he'll do anything for food). I've tried to teach Elsa to do it as she's always pawing me, but she doesn't like to lower herself to do tricks and will have none of it!

Basenjis are so intuitive.

Victoria. x

Im so sorry to hear about your losses Jess - we are thinking about you.


Oh Jess,my heart goes out to you im so sorry to hear about your darling pugs my thoughts are with you julie

We are so sorry to hear the bad news Jess.

Sorry for your loss. Give Maya extra hugs because she is trying really hard to help you over the rough time.

Poor puglies. I hope they find their way home soon. Surely they're holed up in someone's house.

And Maya is so cute with her tricks. Basenjis do love to use their front paws, don't they?

Hi Jess,
i am so sorry to hear about Gracie and Jovi, please accept my condolences. It is a terrible thing and i'm glad you have Maya and all your other pets to help you through it 😞

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