• Houston

    Happy 4th all.

    We just celebrated in big style with some "Ice pups", it was cool and refreshing. It is a dehydrated raw powder you mix with water and either serve room temp if cold outside or frozen in icecube trays if hot..and today it is hot, we are looking at 100-105 degrees so we need to keep our cool. Otis loved them, so much that he even stole Bana's…she will get another one later..
    At first he was a little suspicious...

    Then he figured out how good it tastes..

    ..and this is the one he stole from Bana..

    Hope all of you have a great weekend, stay cool and party on..

  • Lovely pics of Otis, Petra. He looks like he's realy enjoying the ice puppies.

  • 🆒

    What a great idea.

    Wonder if this would work with yogurt?

  • They look yummy! Read about another idea - mix plain yogurt with canned tuna, put into the small Dixie-type bathroom cups and freeze, then dump out - preferably outside.

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