Hunter's 4th birthday

Happy 4th Birthday to my precious little BRAT boy, Hunter!!!

I asked him last night what he wanted for his birthday. He replied "don't make me wear clothes. The big basenji makes fun of me all day long!!!" So today he is at home shivering but he'll be happy with his fast-food cheeseburgers for supper tonight!!!

He amuses me daily with his silly antics! Gotta love them bs!!!!!!!

Happy B-day Hunter! Keep em coming!

Happy Birthday, Hunter and many more to come.

Happy birthday to Hunter. He looks like a happy boy! 🙂

First Basenji's

Happy birthday, handsome guy!

Happy birthday, Hunter… and many more, handsome boy! Spencer doesn't like to wear clothes, either, but his silly mom makes him wear a coat when it's cold and he goes out in the car.

I love that picture of Hunter watching at the window. So cute! Waiting for his b-day cheeseburgers, perhaps?

Happy Barooo-th Day, Hunter! Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Hunter 🙂

LOL such a simple birthday wish! Happy Birthday!

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