Paw Trick and New Bed

Maya doing her paw trick, she loves to give a paw:

And the girls in their bed:

Excuse her muddy bum, the field is rather flooded at the moment!

And just cos i love this picture:


Great pictures//Whata nice bed..I like that.

Otis loves doing high fives too..he does them as soon as he sees something he wants..highfive, may I have that chicken, highfive may I have that barbie and so on..

She's so clever.
I thought Maya claimed the top bunk, was she letting Lilah take a turn

Maya is exactly the same as Otis, if i have something she wants she hits me to try to get me to give it to her, like "look mum, im doing paws!! gimme!!" 😃

Maya actually has started to like the bottom bunk, i think its like a little warm, safe nest lol. And Delilah doesnt care which she gets!

Great pics Jess:D

Cali is good at doing high 5's also when you have something she wants:rolleyes:

So you've changed your mind about that BOGOF deal you offered??? 😞 (:D)

Great photos.

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