• Here is a pic of Lillie in her new bed. I bought it for her on June 15. She was hesitant at first…but now she loves it! Tonight, I saw her digging under the pillow. I think she was trying to hide her treat. Well, the bed lasted 5 days and now it has many rips on the bottom. :eek: What can you do? She still looks absolutely adorable in it. I taped it...let's see how long that lasts!:D



  • Why is his bed on top of another pillow?

  • Her bed is on top of the pillow because Lillie used to sleep on that pillow and I thought she would feel more comfortable being near the pillow.

  • I use a small pillow under Jojo's bed because I don't want any cold from the hard wood floors coming up into the bottom of her bed plus it seems more comfy to me…love the pink, where did you ever find it? I looked and looked all over Knoxville and I could not find a pink one that was not for a tiny dog...

  • She looks happy in it. Is Lillie hugging a plush dog? Very adorable!

  • I like those beds too…I swear they are warmer & more comfy 🙂

  • Nala ate her first bed like that! We got an outdoor one and she would lay on it and not chew it, but then my brilliant husband put it inside a wicker basket - she ate the basket. Now we have an enormous bed from Costco for inside during the winter and out on the porch during the summer.
    We buy the beds like that at Wal-Mart for $10 so we can just toss them if she digs or chews them. So far, so good!
    She's awfully cute!!

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