Aggressive Behavior as they get older?

  • Hello,

    I have two 11 year old males. Both were neutered as pups. Over the past year and a half they have definitely exhibited signs of aging. Not being able to walk as long as they used to, etc. However over the past month one has started to becoming increasingly aggressive towards me when it is time to go in his kennel, etc. and is only willing to walk about one block?

    Has anyone experienced a Basenji becoming aggressive as they have gotten older?

    Wondering if it means that time is near, but I can't have him behaving that way.


  • Have your dogs had a complete check up lately? Could they be becoming aggressive because of something like joint pain or a thyroid issue?

  • If your dog won't walk, your dog may be in PAIN. Please, get the dog to the vet for a thorough exam (including Fran's suggestion for thyroid). 11 is not that old, but any dog in pain can become nasty. Really, imagine yourself in pain and someone bothering you. New personality behaviors ALWAYS should be followed up with vet exam because it is a sign something is WRONG.

    And to answer your question, just getting older doesn't make a dog aggressive. It is only due to pain or being sick.

  • As already suggested, a full medical workup should be done along with full thyroid panel… once anything medical is eliminated then other things can be looked at.

  • Thank you for you advice, it is appreciated.

  • I have 2 senior basenjis - Digital the brindlewonderkid will be 14 in december and Jet the try-ing will be 13 later this month. Jet is a bit grumpier with other dogs but is the same he's always been with the people. Digital is, of course, as golden as he's always been.

    You may want to look into finding a holistic vet. Jet does get grouchier when his back needs adjusting.

  • I would suggest back, neck & hip x-rays. I have had older Bs-over 10 with spondylosis in the back and neck.


  • I agree with all the above. My oldest at 15 has spine issues and has been on rimadyl low dose for about a year with great results, he had pain before, but has had a very good year. Eddie (11) is on thyroid meds, he was a cranky-pants a couple of years ago and after thyroid meds, is a happier dog.
    A vet visit is in order to figure out what has caused his change, 11 is still pretty young.

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