• Hi Everyone
    Could someone assist us please.
    Bandit has displayed very aggressive behaviour towards us when he does not want to do something. The other night my husband called for the dogs to go outside to bed. Alfie the Lowchen went ok but Bandit didn't want to and when my husband tried to usher Bandit outside, Bandit bared his teeth and went for my husband.

    My husband gave Bandit a smack on the rump with a newspaper and Bandit tried again for which he got another smack on the rump. By this stage Alfie was back inside and tried to discipline Bandit. Eventually both dogs settled down and went outside to their kennels.

    Can someone please allay my fears about Bandit!! Because when he is fully grown my fear is that he will bite us or worse visitors to the house!!!

  • Luring with a few tasty treats in the kennel is a good idea and make it a ritual. Bribery is what I've learned is the only way to teach Basenji. If there's nothing in it for them, they won't do it for you. Bandit's a puppy and his manners probably aren't in check yet. Also, I heard they have "teenage" dog years after the 8-9 month mark. I imagine they might display defiance? Duke is 8 months old so I'll be looking for signs in him. Good luck!

  • @Bandit:

    My husband gave Bandit a smack on the rump with a newspaper and Bandit tried again for which he got another smack on the rump.

    Frankly, I'm not suprised by the "aggression". smacking a dog, even on the "rump" w/ a newspaper, is not the way to go about getting respect and obedience from your dogs.

  • I would have picked him up, held his muzzle closed {not painfully}, and told him NO; held him until he calmed down and then put his fanny outside.

    I won't tolerate ANY of my animals showing the remotest sign of aggression toward me or anyone in my family. Really, not toward any people although if there were an intruder that'd be a different story.

    My kids are taught to treat animals well, but my animals are also taught that no matter what, they cannot show aggression toward the kids. That way, if a kid falls on the dog or trips over it, etc. the dog will not snap at the kid, etc.
    Result is kids that are great with animals, and dogs that will tolerate a lot from kids.

  • We are fully aware that hitting a dog isn't the best way of getting obedience and respect but my husband did get an awful fright from Bandit when he bared his teeth and came for him. Instant reaction I suppose was to grab a small part of a newspaper "actually it was the Sports Section" to try and diffuse the situation.

    I was overjoyed at finding this website because we all need support and encouragment, not mean unproductive responses.

    My husband and I are good people who love our animals dearly and spoil them with love and affection.

    Thank you to those with supportive encouraging ideas which we will certainly try and because of this, I will again visit this Forum.
    Take care

  • A lot of basenjis try out using their "voice" and/or their teeth to get what they want. Each of my basenjis has tried it around the age yours is, we don't make a big deal about it; I usually say something like "I don't think so", in a deep and growly voice, and then we just make sure we follow through to make them do what we originally wanted. I would definitely steer away from hitting the dog, particularly with something in your hand…that is very, very threatening to dogs (more so than an open hand), and it could definitely cause the aggression to escalate.

    I am a big fan of using positive reinforcement to get my dogs to do what I want, while making them think it is what they want 😉 In this case, if the issue is going outside, I would go out with the dog, and make it kind of a fun game, so he looks forward to it.

    Also, be aware that this is THE time for basenjis to be extra hormonal. Even if your boy is neutered there are physiological changes going on in his brain and body to get him ready to breed (if he could)...it does make them a little extra cranky. That is not an excuse, but it is something to take into account.

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • I have a Basenji, who when we went to the vets, with him and our female mix, lunged and growled :eek: at every dog there wonder if any of you had a similar problem ever?
    He seems to dislike most other dogs? 😕 Am I missing something here, or do some Basenjis just not like others? I have tried everything I know about, or others suggested, none worked! 😞 Thanks! I also use gates, to no avail, my 2 just go over them. 😃 My first ever Basenji girl used to climb trees and jump out of a six foot high pen
    if no tree to climb out, she climbed over! 😃

  • Some basenjis seem to have particular kinds of dogs they don't like. My Abbey is best friends with a rottweiller, a black lab, and a dalmation, but she hates golden retrievers! What do they go by, coat color?? She goes after anything that moves at the vet's though. My first basenji many years ago, Pumpkin, climbed trees to get after squirrels, and fences were no problem either.

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