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Our Rocco came from @RugosaB. His mother was her Ibis. He was Ibis #5 from 2003. @RugosaB gave us a wonderful companion her dedication to this breed is second to none. We cannot thank her enough! Sorry I meant @RugosaB, not @BasenjiB. I apologize. Not thinking clearly.

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Thanks to all of you. We are having a tough time with this right now. The house seems so empty with him not on the couch. We are fortunate that all our memories of him are great. He was with us all the time. A truly exceptional little guy.

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This morning we let our beloved Rocco go. It was his time. In two months he would have been 17. We are totally crushed!!! The vet tried to help and she was very understanding. The only comfort that I have was that I wrapped him in his favorite blanket and hugged him until he was gone. He lived a marvelous long life. We will miss him for a very long time. At the end he loved to sleep. He looked very peaceful when he was sleeping. Now he’s sleeping and in peace forever. Thanks for your support.

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Thanks for all your insight. All of your comments are greatly appreciated. One thing that helps is that Rocco has had a fantastic life. He had lots of freedom, went everywhere with us and was never away from us for one day. He is still our buddy! He was able to run in his fenced in yard whenever he wanted too, He ate the best food, lots of venison, and was always in good health. For us he is the perfect dog. I will watch him closely.

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Our Rocco is 16 1/2 years old. He is on anti seizure medication. He doesn’t see very well and doesn’t hear. He is losing all of his muscle tone. We have to carry him outside so he can relieve himself which he does without any problems. He eats very well, but we have to take him to his food. His vet said that his blood work is very good for a dog his age and that he is in no pain. He sleeps most of the day. When he is up he can’t get around very well. He doesn’t have much of a life, but he is alive. I’m having a very tough time deciding what to do for him. He is only going to get worse, if I wait too long to do the inevitable he may suffer. We love him and will miss him terribly, but I don’t think that should enter into this decision. I would appreciate any insight and comments.

Thank you.

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With the two people that he dosen't like, it's not new behavior. He was to the vet just a short time ago to have a tick removed and we told the vet. The vet said that he was being protective of us. He does not have any other symtoms of tyroid problems. His coat is great, he does not have seisures and he is great with other people. So far it's just two people that he wants to bite and only if they approach him. The problem with basenjis is that they never forget and they hold a grudge!

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I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. He has snapped at the people I discribed. There are a few instances where he tried to bite and one instance where he bit my sister-in-law. I know it is our fault and not his. He is an exceptional basenji. He has never damaged anything in our home or any home or hotel that he has stayed at. We can let him off the leash, when possible, and he will walk with us and never runs away. He is a fantastic dog in everyway, but we now have to tell people that he is not friendly and they can't pet him.

He has never agressively went after anyone. He only tried to bite when these people tried to touch him.

Hope this helps.

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Hello to all. I am new to this board, but not to basenjis. We have our second basenji, Rocco, he is six years old and neutered and is in excellent health. He is a perfect dog in every way, except that there are some people that he just does not like. These people tend to be the type that make my wife and I uneasy. He doesn't give much of a warning. No growling, I've never seen a basenji show it's teeth and of course he doesn't bark. He will have his hair up and that's about all. Because of this we tell all people that come to our house to completely ignore the dog. Pretend that he is not there and don't even look at him. This has worked extremely well for us. The dog gets to know the person and never forgets them. They can come over anytime and he will greet them as a friend.

We are just at a loss to figure out what to do about the people he doesn't like.
We will appreciate any suggestions.

By the way, he has never barooed or yodeled. Any ideas about this?

Thanks to all.

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