Rosie Nosy. You gotta love her!

  • I wanted to share some pics of Rosie Nosy just so everyone can see how beautiful she is. She is a challenge every now and then but I would say overall she is a well behaved little girl, oh wait she did eat that one slipper, and that board on the deck, and peed on the floor once or twice. Never mind all that she is our pride and joy but it would be nice to go somewhere once in a while without everyone asking what kind of dog she is or complimenting us on how beautiful she is. Katy and Linda, thank you very much:D

  • Rosie Nosy is beautiful! (love the name, how did you's come up with it?)

    How old is she?

    Hope gets compliments when we go out places too 😉 lol

  • What a cutie!!!!! You are a lucky person to get a pup from those two ladies!

  • cute baby! cant wait to see more pics as she grows (and they grow fast!)

  • Houston

    What a wonderful little gal, and I love her name. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

  • Aww.. What a cutie!!

  • She models her camoflage jacket very nicely! Incredibly cute - and congrats on having her.

  • Lovely pictures - she is a pretty girl.

  • Wonderful to see Rosie - she is gorgeous!!! She looks quite similar to her sister Dixie!! I'll post some recent pics so you can see the family resemblance 🙂

  • I really like the tigers. I remember when that color first started being seen in the states. Really striking!

  • Thanks for all the compliments and we do look forward to seeing some pics of Dixie. Rosie just got her last shot for a good while today. She weighs 16.6 lbs and is right at about 15 1/2" at the shoulder. We're hoping she doesn't get a whole lot taller. Our Vet says that she is the perfect picture of health.

  • She is beautiful!

    LOL… biting the leash... I do this to mine, got tired of sewing them back together...:

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