8 month old is biting…can't get him under control

  • You know I did start thinking about this with the intentions of getting an older dog that had been trained and was good w/ children. I really didn't want to go through the puppy stage again. I have been looking at the BRAT site for a couple of years on a regular basis to see if there were any rescues in my area that might suit us. Then I was considering a one year old from the breeder but he was adopted. I have waitied the last 10 years for my kids to be older and us to be ready for this and really thought we were. That's how long it's been since I had my last one. I do go home and spend my lunch hour w/ him walking and playing w/ him so he's never alone more than a few hours without a break. But I think he's still bored. And when outside I try to have one of us out there w/ him most of the time.

    Yesterday my sister who own 3 Goldens and has quite a bit of dog training experience came over to walk him while we were gone. She said he was trying to knock down the gate to get upsairs (he's not allowed up there, it's my daughter's room) When she told him no and fixed the gate he jumped up and bit at her, not hard but he's still biting. He also did this to me a couple of days ago, biting my arms and legs again.

    I am afraid of what might happen w/ other kids. When the smaller ones are around I've seen him chase after them trying to play too hard so I don't let them over w/ him in the yard anymore. But he loves going to see them and letting them pet him when he's on leash.

    I hate to give up and the kids are getting attatched but yeah, it is no fun for any of us to be on edge either.

  • Sounds like time you listed this dog with BRAT.

  • Please don't take this out of context…. but,

    He does NOT ever go to BRAT.

    Don't ask for help here... call KYLE!!!

  • Kathy, if this breeder will take the dog back, even better..but we both know how folks don't like to call the breeders…

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Kathy, if this breeder will take the dog back, even better..but we both know how folks don't like to call the breeders…

    I am a co-breeder on this puppy.
    She needs to call Kyle… but, I would suspect he will call her first since he has now been informed.
    The puppy didn't come from MA... the puppy is out of a KHANI's bitch and sired by an Eldorado dog.

    With what has been posted, the owner is not ready for a PUPPY.
    This basenji is spending TOO MUCH time in a crate.
    I would act up and get into stuff too if I were crated that much.
    He should be sleeping with her since he is crated all day long.
    Why have a companion if it is going to be crated all day and all night long???

  • Khani's- I thought you were the co-breeder. I was just looking at his papers when we were at the vet. I did send Kyle an e-mail. I want to try working w/ him until I make a definite decision. I think they are in the process of moving right now so I'm sure they have alot going on. Just waiting on a reply from him. I would never place him anywhere without them knowing.

  • Khanis - I'm sorry that when I gave my advice I didn't realise your interest in this puppy -but I'm sure I haven't said anything you wouldn't agree with. If I have spoken out of place please accept my apologies.

  • I don't think any of us spoke out of place…. some of us knew the breeders (and co-breeder) some didn't, but all the advise was pretty much the same.... especially when it was known that this pup came from a responsible breeder.

    Hopefully all will work out for the best

  • On this very forum there have been quite a few dogs and pups that found new homes where they were a better fit. I personally know of several and the dogs are doing wonderfully. Step out of your situation if you can, and look at what is best for everyone, both you and your kids, and the dog. You are all very stressed and on edge. That stress is felt by the dog too, so even though you all may love each other, your timing for a puppy is not the best! I realize you have waited and gotten a great pup but life does not always go smoothly as planned. Work with your breeder, but if you both decide your well loved boy might be better off and your kids safer with him rehomed, don't feel awful, jut realize that you were really only fostering him after all! Like a human that you may love, but can't live with…not all people or dogs fit together just because we want them to fit! We are so ingrained to not "quit or give up" but as the saying goes, 'if you love someone, set them free'. Best of luck to you and I know you will make the right decision...

  • Very well said!!!

  • No Patty… it's all good [the advice I mean].

    What I don't like is dog owners going on a forum… seeking advice...
    yet not having talked to their breeder first.
    How can the breeder help if they aren't being informed of the issues???

    Breeders WELCOME the phone call.
    They WANT to help.
    They don't want to get a dog back that hasn't had proper training and then at a year old or two... completely wild.
    Those dogs are wild spazzes and much harder to re-train than a puppy.
    Let us help FROM THE BEGINNING.
    It is far easier to nip things in the bud...
    which should have been done in May in this case.

  • 'What I don't like is dog owners going on a forum… seeking advice...
    yet not having talked to their breeder first.
    How can the breeder help if they aren't being informed of the issues???'

    Khanis - I totally agree. I do hope that people are doing this before asking on the forum. I know if I was the breeder I would be upset to think that I wasn't trusted enough for the new owners to come back to me with any problems and the sooner the better!

  • Perhaps another thread on why people feel like they can't contact the breeder. What a breeder can/should do to foster lines of communication. I'd love to know why some people don't hesistate to call their breeder and others do something else. I want my breeders to be happy that they placed a pup with me (I'm pretty sure Linda's okay with me; I have 3 dogs from her), but for other people does that translate to feeling like they can't tell the breeder of problems? Does it make the owner feel like a failure? Hmmmm . . . I surely don't have answers

  • Hmmm, I have not been in that position, but I can see how a buyer who convinced the breeder that they were 'basenji people' and got a pup, then perhaps didn't follow all the advice, got busy with their life, maybe some unplanned changes, and a year later that sweet pup is a mess, biting or destructive. It might feel very humiliating to go back, head bowed, and 'admit' that maybe you weren't the 'perfect owner' for their darling pup.
    So you join a forum and start asking for advice, maybe someone will have a magic solution for you. You just don't want to face your breeder as "a failure" with a wild pup.

    Make sense? What could breeders do? Toss that scenario out there at the time of purchase, and say it's OK, not ideal, but OK, it happens. Pave the way for teaching and forgiveness, and really let the buyer know that you are there for them, willing to take the dog back anytime if necessary, no questions asked.

  • A breeder can't do anything that would make the puppy buyer contact them.
    The buyer is only as good as their promise…
    many times that isn't enough.

    I didn't realize this particular dog was out of our girl... until I looked back and saw posts in May... then I was a little annoyed that there are still problems... and the owner asking here.
    Kyle is more than reasonable and would be more than happy to help.
    The majority of good breeders jump through hoops to take back a dog.

  • So has this fellow contacted Kyle yet??

  • Just an update on Tango. I'd like to thank all of you that gave me advice. I've used many of the suggestions I've been given here and I have talked to the breeder many times. I didn't realize that by also getting advice here that some people would get so offended. A breeder can be of great assistance and support but so can people that are having similar problems. I believe that is why these boards are here ??

    Tango spent almost a week with Kyle about a month ago and I haven't had many issues since then. He's grown out of alot of his nippy behavior and we've learned how to better correct his bad behavior.

    An older dog would probably been a better fit for my household but we're managing and he's a sweet boy.

  • Glad to hear of your success with Tango. I think sometimes people may sound offended but not meaning to. I know when something kindly spoken is written down it can sound entirely different.

    Well done to you, Tango and Kyle.

  • Glad to hear Tango is doing better, thanks for the update.

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