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Hello, we have a five-month old Basenji who is starting to exhibit fear aggression. We consistently introduced her to new things during the 8-12 week mark (we live in a city, she met several people, new smells, sights, sounds, etc.). However, quarantine happened at 12 weeks and then she fractured her ankle while playing, leading to a cast and a lot of vet visits.

All of this to say, she has recently started exhibiting fear aggression within the past month. However, the vet told us today she has consistently displayed this behavior from day one, explaining she will often growl and lunge when they have to put a cone on her (they withheld this information, even when asked, which is a whole different topic). I have witnessed one incident in which I passed her off to a neighbor while holding her and she snarled/sneered and pulled back from the neighbor and was clearly terrified.

I am incredibly disheartened by this and would love any feedback. She has always been overly rambunctious/mouthy/dominant in comparison to her littermates and her breeder did not seem concerned by this news, indicating she is still a puppy and would adjust over time.

Lastly, we are starting Zoom video training sessions with a fear-based trainer this weekend but I would love any insight from anyone who has dealt with this. Thank you in advance.

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