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You are taking the right steps. It sounds like you have been very diligent in training your puppy and caring for her especially with a broken foot and quarantine.

If you specifically asked the Vet how she did and he didn't say anything until now that's really disappointing - I would look for a new Vet but at the very least I would stay with her through the visits.

I agree with Ember's comment.

Good luck with the fear trainer.

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I agree the comments below - try to reach out/ find a dog trainer that you could contract to help you. Also I was thinking along the lines of horse example - can you walk around your block - so maybe you would normally walk the equivalent of 3-4 blocks just try the walk around your block so it changes it up so you can get Woody used to walking past your house multiple times that way Woody won't know when the walk is done. It will probably be toughest the first few times but you can reassure Woody the walk is not finished and take her past the home and to get her used to walking back towards the house.

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