• While I had my heart set on a cool little Mercedes convertible, my wife decided we needed a a vehicle to transport Dolce to shows and lure coursing, so behold the new Basenji mobile!

  • Nice! Congrats 🙂

  • Hehe, love that 2nd picture. Basenji-approved. 😃

  • Very Nice!!

  • OK, the real truth is Dolce went to the dealership with you and picked out the van.;)

  • NICE! I know the Element has a dog friendly package, is that the one you got?

  • Love the Basenjis on each side of the Honda logo. Are they chrome too, or just stickers?

  • Very nice transportation! Where did you get the Basenji stickers? I'd love to have them for the back of my Saturn Vue, which is what we carry our pups around in.

  • And Dolce approves. 🙂

    And so do I haha. I can't wait to check it out for coursing. It has some neat "toys" that will really be nice to have. 😃

  • YESSSS! An Element. I am actually thinking very seriously about this vehicle when I get my B. At the Seattle dog show they had the decked out dog version of the Element, and it was great. I test drove one years ago and liked it fine. I also like that it is a 'higher up' vehicle. I am getting old and brittle and it is getting tough for me to bend into my 2 dr. coupe! Oh, I also LOVE the stickers too!

  • I really like the Element, my aunt had one and loved it, her only complaint was that it had a lot of 'road noise'

  • Nice car! A good friend has an Element and loves it as a "dogmobile". did you got the official Dog model, with ramp and fan?

  • This is the Element that accepts the dog package, but we have not purchased it yet. Its a little pricey at $900 and I'm not sure I need all the accessories. I got the magnets online, just google basenji magnets and you should find them.

  • Houston

    Very nice..I like it. Dolce looks to love it already 😃

    I guess I have to keep my kid mobile a little longer..it is highly basenji and other dog friendly as well though…Volvo XC90..my next car will be a beetle, a red one..named Lingon...and it will be my dogshow mobile..maybe:);)

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!
  • Banned

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  • @basenjimamma

    There is nothing quite as dog-friendly as a Volvo Estate for transporting Basenjis ! Mine have always ridden to shows in them - two large crates can accommodate 6 Basenjis in comfort.

    I am on my 5th, I think - could be my 6th. The last one did 216,000 miles. That was the square tank-like version. The current 10 year old V70 is overall broader, but without so much space inside, which means a single crate is all it will take. But it is enough for my age-depleted pack.

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