New woolie basenjis

Here are the most recent woolies. The tri has an open mouth. The brindle is about 6 inches square; tri is a little smaller. They are planning on going to the nationals this year, so look around for them as they are cuter in person.

They are all so nice and pretty.

Rita Jean

Oh my, these are really really great πŸ†’:D! But where is a red one? πŸ˜‰

And the Black and White one?

you people are hard task mistresses.<gg>

actually, the r/w one was a while ago, but can be seen here:

And I'm working on a r/w one right now (at least i think it will be). then i'll think about a b/w. it's hard to do nice eye's on the b/w and tri-ings.</gg>

I just want one I do not care what color.

Rita Jean


I love them so much..what a talent..I am with RitaJean. I don't care what color, they are all to sweet.

You are going to have to mass produce these for all of us! Put me down for a red and white one πŸ™‚ They are so precious.

if you're really interested, feel free to pm me. I can match markings for current or departed pups as long as you have pics. Each woolie of this size takes about 12+ hours; needle felting is a very labor intensive process. More info is here:

I am toying with smaller (read less $) woolies, but that's still being worked on. I don't think I will offer matched markings on these, but you could certainly request color.

I've also done some non-basenjis. You can see more stuff here:
the stuff on the first pages are early works.

oops, try this link for other items

Your woolies are wonderful! I love the expression on the brindle's face. I thought I would try needle felting, that is until I read about it! That's a lot of work, but your results are just stunning.

These are adorable!

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