Happy swimming Basenji! *picturespam.

  • Nice to see a basenji in training for the swimming events at the next Olympics!

  • Super shots of Cosmo swimming! What a handsome boy you have!

  • Very cool. Our B's would never get in the water:D

  • Houston

    He is so awesome…too cute. He is growing up nicely. Thanks for sharing..

  • Oh, my! I take Digital for theraputic swimming. He's less than thrilled about it.
    He's on their blog
    scroll down and you can see pics.

  • Wonderful photos! I love Cosmo, he reminds me so much of my Topper. I think that must be what he looked like as a "pup"…he would have plunged into water too, just to have fun.

    Thank you for sharing photos of Cosmo, I always love to see him.

  • Very cool photos!

    How many other photos are there out there of Basenjis swimming???

  • Really cool pics!!! 😃
    And such a handsome boy… I cant' wait for my own black/white at one far day :rolleyes:

    Thabo loves water, too.
    But he just goes in until it reaches his shoulders.
    Both of mine can swim - Zuri just hates it and the one and only time it happened to her, it was an accident :eek:

  • It never does to generalise about Basenjis! Some enjoy the water and some don't!! I had one that if she was any where near water she would plunge in. You couldn't keep her out of the water!

    Lovely pictures

  • First Basenji's

    What a beautiful boy. Thanks for the great pics.

  • My girl enjoys water but only when it is her choice to do so. She may go for months and not want near any water except that which she wants to drink. She sometimes will even throw a fuss about having to go out in the rain. But then all of a sudden, she starts to act like she's part duck. Just when I think I've figured her out, there she goes to prove me wrong again.

  • that's so cool ..hope isis will join in with the labs someday right now shes a land lover

  • Great pictures - my B sits between my legs on the paddleski and kinda balances OK - will leap off and swim to shore if a suitable playmate arrives. Dived off the canoe into the water to chase a duck.

    She walks casually into the sea and doesnt mind getting her feet wet - hates being bathed tho ! and loves the rub down afterwards.
    Her cousin up the road wont even get a toe in ANY water - will insist on being carried or make a big detour !

    you made me smile today !


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