• Hi everyone,

    I just joined the forum. I have an almost 2 year old female basenji named Nalah.

    I live in VA and I’m looking for a reputable person/place to board my b while I’m on vacation in August. Does anyone know of anyone that would take care of a super spoiled basenji?

  • Welcome to the forum. You might have more luck looking for a dog sitter or house sitter. Of course, with Covid 19 precautions someone might not want to be coming into your house or you might not want them there. Right now not too many people are travelling, but there should still be boarding facilities somewhere near you. Whether they are suitable for a Basenji is another story. I had dog walkers to take care of my boy when I was away. They would come and walk him three times a day and spend the night at my house. (and sleep with my dog!) ☺

  • I used to live in the Richmond area and used Swift Creek Pet Resort for our Basenji, multiple times, once for 2 weeks. They were really great with him. They’re also an animal hospital so they were able to get him seen by a vet during his stay if there was ever an issue.

  • Unfortunately I can't advise about boarding in Virgina, which is a big place, but I can give you some suggestions based on my experience. My first choice would be someone who brings the dogs to their home. Second would be a smaller boarding facility with a good reputation. Third would be a vet. Fourth would be a home sitter.

    In all cases you need to try things out by having them stay a night or two before you leave. If the boarding facility also has a day care operation I'd probably leave them there as a starting place. Basically you want to get them used to the facility before leaving them for an extended time.

    Whatever your choice, know your pup is resilient, and that the sad sad story you hear upon your return does not signal the end of the world.

  • Where did Nala come from? Can she stay there while you're out of town?
    I did not have a good experience with Rover.com. Don't do it.
    Can you find and make friends with another basenji owner in your area where you can take turns pet sitting? Maybe you can find local basenji owners on Meetup or Facebook?
    My heart would break to leave her at a boarding facility or a vet although she'd probably be fine. I like the idea of a pet sitter staying at your home ONLY IF you can really train the pet sitter on several visits before leaving in August (not far away!!!)

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