Hiking in the Pacific Northwest

  • Last weekend we had a break in the unseasonably rainy spring/summer here in the Pacific Northwest - YES, actually unseasonably rainy for those of you familiar with the Portland/Seattle weather patterns 🙂

    Any time we get a break in the rain we jump in the truck and head out to the wilderness for some hiking with the dawgs, living east of Portland we are less than an hour from the great Mt Hood Wilderness area. We have been doing a lot of exploring and Dude & Ono LOVE getting out in the forest.

    Here are a few photos from our hike up to Ramona Falls, Ono was a little too stoked to be out in the wilderness and couldn't hold still for anything but a blurry photo - Dude being the handsome man he is loved posing for a couple shots… Enjoy!

    Overlooking the Sandy River, years back there was a large mud/landslide which created the river basin you see

    ♥ Oregon

    HAPPY basenji

    Nice trail/forest for exploring

    Close up of the Dude-ster

  • A beautiful place to explore! Love the pics of Dude in the tree 😃

  • Houston

    Wonderful nature..I too, love teh picture of Dude in the tree, he looks so happy, smiling at the camera.

    I am drinking a smoothie with blueberries from the Mt Hood Wilderness…haha. yum!!

  • Dude looks so proud and happy up in that tree - thanks for sharing - good photos.

  • Looks like some great hiking there. Dude is a handsome guy.

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, that looks like too much fun. Everyone is right the photo of dude in the tree is rather brilliant. Thanks for the pics.

  • Great stuff!

  • Yes, that is quite the tree picture. The surroundings are beautiful and so is the dog!

  • Lovely pics, the scenery is gorgeous as is Dude.

  • Amazing place, and wonderful photos of Dude, especially in the tree!

  • What a great place! Love that tree pic! He didn't get up in that tree himself did he?

  • that must have been a very nice trail to hike!
    I love Dude's head, handsome boy and I love his expression 🙂

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